Natural and Beneficial Functions

Natural and Beneficial Functions Florida state regulations protect natural areas that reduce the risks associated with flooding. When floodplains are preserved or restored to their natural states, they provide many benefits to our residents and the surrounding eco-systems. Floodplains do more than enhance our natural surroundings; they absorb rain and floodwater, reduce the number and […]

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flood damage Oakland Park FL

Flood Insurance is Available – Okland Park, Fort Lauderdale and South FL

Property owner and tenant insurance policies don’t normally cover flood damage. These policies only cover the building’s structure, not its contents. As a result, the City of Fort Lauderdale encourages residents who rent or own property in an SFHA to acquire flood insurance to protect their homes and possessions against losses from flood damage. Tenants […]

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Water Damage Protection

Whether it’s a burst pipe, an undetected leak or an extreme weather event like a flash flood or a storm surge, water can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Water damage not only destroys your belongings and threatens the structural integrity of your building but can present dangerous health hazards as well. Fortunately, […]

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