Eliminate Rather Than Conceal Odors

Eliminate Rather Than Conceal Odors

Odor Removal and Deodorization

By Michael Panster

Today’s media blanket consumers with a broad array of odor management products. Sprays, gels, waxes, infusers, outlet packs, and more claim to help get rid of odors. In most cases, however, these tactics just give temporary relief. When odors pervade your home, you want to eradicate them completely. A flowery or spicy cover up is not what you seek or deserve. Professional odor removal and deodorization specialists eliminate the odor at its source, offering a permanent resolution to a difficult problem.

Household odors originate from an endless list of causes. Mold, smoke, bodily fluids, decaying food, chemicals, and many more things make indoor air unpleasant and may flag structural of component damage or incursions that must be handled. Technicians familiar with professional odor control and elimination know where to look to find dozens of odor producers in your home, even if you have combed the area.

Until the source of the odor is removed the stench returns. The first step in professional odor elimination is to find the offending object or debris and discard it outside of the home. When secretions or residue infiltrate structure or belongings, it may be possible, using professional products and training, for a technician to seal the smell within the affected item. The molecules that spread the odor entirely or nearly cease moving out of the object, preventing airborne movement of the odiferous substance.

If you still perceive the smell vapor control methods find and counteract free floating odor particles. Professional grade sprays interfere with the ability of the airborne particles to maintain their smell, adding a second physical barrier to the first. Often the combination of disposal and containment with vapor odor control abates the smell.

Thermal fogging is the third step, a method that requires special Institute of Inspection Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) level training. By passing through a thermal chamber, solvent-based deodorizers combust, causing them to separate into minute particles. These tiny odor fighters neutralize the remaining smelly particulates in the home, wherever they float or hide. Newer technologies developed beyond these steps must be administered by certified odor remediation specialists.

Restoration company crews using one or more of these strategies alone or in concert eliminate persistent household odors in nearly all circumstances. Contact a reliable and experienced deodorization firm to move beyond concealment to odor eradication.



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